Tianjin Society Hill Youth Hostel

Tianjin Society Hill Youth Hostel as the third YHAinternational youth hostel in Tianjin is near the Tianjin South RailwayStation, It is in the heart of the Society Hill Culture and Tourism Harborwith good location. As one of the representatives of youth hostels, Tianjin Society Hill Youth Hostel implements a highstandard: Welcome,Claenness,Safety,Privacy,Comfort and Environment. There are twelvesix-person rooms, three two-person rooms and three one-person rooms. A total of 18 rooms are already open. Room improved facilities; it will provide fast, international services. Itcan accommodate 81 people at the same time. Whilemeets the basic needs of the guests, it also increases the spiritual enjoyment. It has a reading room, The WIFI and delicate books for free. “Stay” inhere, the book is already taking you to a distance. Lots of hot style foodaround, both xiabuxiabu, xiangjia hot pot thisattractive Sichuan flavor as well as Burger King, MacDonald this classic fastfood. Satisfied your stomach and heart. Betterservice, higher international standards, waiting for you.

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No.198, zhijing Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin, Tianjin, 12China