Time Rooms

Time Rooms’ accommodations are located in Jyväskylä, close to Nova Hospital, with convenient connections to the city center.

The rooms are cozy, and you can choose between a room with a private bathroom or a shared one. With high-quality bedding, you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep! Common facilities include a spacious kitchen, a game room, a dining area, and a library. The rooms feature a work desk, a smart TV, and fast Wi-Fi internet connection. Some rooms can be combined, allowing for a private bathroom, and the maximum occupancy in that case is 5 people.

Time Rooms is keyless, allowing you to move around conveniently using codes at a time that suits you best. Check-in and check-out are also self-service through the use of codes. Unique wall and ceiling art in all areas is something special that you won’t find elsewhere.

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4 Hoitajantie, Jyväskylä, 40630, Finland