The hostel will open in 2023.

Vieraanvara is located in the heart of Kajaani in a splendid functionalist apartment building. The building was designed by architect Eino Pitkänen in 1948. The guiding principle of family-owned Vieraanvara is hospitality.

Accommodation operations will commence during the year 2023, offering affordable and communal hostel rooms.

Art holds a significant role at Vieraanvara. Finnish contemporary artists will be showcased in the common areas and accommodation rooms. In 2023, Vieraanvara will launch an international artist residency program and an art café.

Equipment rentals and other supplementary services will be gradually introduced, including items like rowboats with outboard motors, bicycles, snowshoes, and more. For information about available rental equipment, feel free to inquire directly with Vieraanvara!

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27 Kauppakatu, Kajaani, 87100, Finland