Wuhan Enjoy International Youth Hostel

To climb the Yellow Crane Tower, you must go to the fun hostel. The business district is conveniently located and enjoys a rare quiet in the bustling downtown. It is adjacent to the red scenic spot “Mao Zedong’s Former Residence” and is close to the Yellow Crane Tower and the literary and artistic little fresh Tanhualin. You can only walk for 5 minutes to taste the famous Hu Bu Xiang snacks. After dinner, you can stroll along the Wuchang river bank and enjoy the Yangtze river bridge and the scenery on both sides of the river. You can also take a ferry and reach Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street in 15 minutes. Slow talk about table games, parties and friends Order a drink, a snack, savor a small life at a lovely price, two or three roommates, watch movies together, talk about dreams, play games and organize wolf killings. We didn’t know each other yesterday, but we can be friends today. Meet a bigger world, make interesting friends, and know yourself more truly! Stay away from noise, green bricks and trees. Every room in the hostel has big windows. The windows are full of green bricks and trees. The air is fresh and the light is abundant. The quiet environment beside the park, away from the noise of the roadside, allows you to have an undisturbed dream all night long. Youth tour price, high allocation Enjoying the fun hostel will give you the feeling of returning to the campus dormitory and the illusion of staying in a business hotel. Each room is equipped with specially-made widened and lengthened high and low solid wooden beds, brand Simmons mattresses, 60 pure white satin cotton bedding articles selected from star hotels, buckwheat winter and summer dual-purpose pillows, and strictly selected accommodation hardware only to give you the best sleep quality and help you relieve fatigue during the journey. Each room has its own bathroom. Each room has its own bathroom. There is no need to queue up with a group of roommates to brush one’s teeth and wash one’s face. There is no need to run out with clothes into the crowded public bathroom. Toilet paper, shower gel, shampoo and slippers are all available. Every room has a hairdryer, which makes you clean, handsome and beautiful every day. The toilet is also intimately equipped with a lid lifting device, and imported toilet seat disinfectant is prepared so that you can safely use it if you pay attention to hygiene. Address: No.36 Qingshiqiao, Zhonghua Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City Getting to the hostel: From Wuhan Tianhe Airport you can take Metro Line 2 to Jiyuqiao Station transfer to bus No. 539 ride to Dikekou Station on Linjiang Avenue and walk 200 meters to reach our hostel. The closest bus station to our store is Jiefang Road Simenkou Station.

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No.36 Qingshi Bridge, Zhonghua Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei, 42China