Xinduqiao Yak International Youth Hostel

Located in Yingguan Village, Xin Duqiao Town, our hostel is close to the observation deck of Gongga Mountain, which is called “Paradise for Photographers” and “World of Sunlight and Shade.” With a distance of 200 meters to the main road of State Road 318, our hostel is surrounded by poplars, helping reduce traffic noises. Being the most distinctive youth hostel in Xin DU Qiao, our hostel was built and designed in a Tibetan architectural style. The highland town Xin Du Qiao has an altitude of 3350 meters, where “The Ancient Ju LI Temple” with a history of a thousand years and “The First Magic Celestial Burial Site” were built. Xin Du Qiao is also a vital place for Sichuan-Tibet Highway, Jiu Long and Gongga Mountain. Reviews

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20 meters ahead of Board 2914-Kilometer of State Road 318, Yingguan Village, Xin Duqiao Town, Kangding County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, 51China