Xinjiang Buerjin White Lamb Youth Hostel

Xinjiang Burzin Little White Sheep International Youth Hostel opened in May 2007. White Sheep Outdoor Sports Company was established in 2017(business scope: organization of outdoor sports and related sports, car club services, gliding club services, mountaineering club services, rock climbing club services, entertainment leisure fitness services, car rental), Kanas White Sheep Youth Brigade opened in 2011, Located at No. 156 Tuva New Village in Kanas Scenic Area, the pure Tuwa wooden house building, wife covers the entire hostel, there is no dead corner, there is a shuttle bus stop at the entrance, and there is a direct bus to Sanwan to watch the morning fog from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning. Bus, It is very convenient to watch the fish table, shout spring, Birch forest, Lake, and convenient transportation. The infrastructure is in harmony. Kanas tourism information is complete. Eat, live, and run one-stop services. We are willing to win your trust with comfortable environment, high quality service and reasonable price, and come to Kanas to live in the safe Little White Yangqing Brigade to experience the feeling of a wooden house! Here you can learn the latest and most comprehensive information about Grand Kanas self-help travel. .. .. .. .. .. Let you feel the warmth of home is our constant pursuit, so that donkeys feel at home! Welcome to Great America and Xinjiang!

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Red Roof Villa Area, Shen Xian Wan Rd., Burqin, Xinjiang, 65China