Zhuhai Phoenix Egg Youth Hostel

Zhuhai Phoenix Egg International Youth Hostel followed “Environment friendly, Science and Technology, Communication, Sharing” as the development concept. The hall offers windows with thermostat control of temperature and light so that you can adjust the light and temperature. By using the STF, you can adjust the light from dim to light as well as adjusting the indoor temperature according to the light’s change. Meanwhile you can use the HD projection at night. This adjustable glass window usually be used in the 5 star-level hotel or the top quality office buildings. So it’s rarely used in the youth hotel in China except us.

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Floor 7th, Zhubao Building, No.15 Jingyuan road, Jida Avenue, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Prov., Zhuhai CityChina