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Youth Hostel Associations around the world are members of Hostelling International, in fact we have 62 Member Associations and hostels in 75 countries. | Algeria | Australia | Austria | | Bahrain | Belgium | Bolivia | Bosnia & Herzegovina | Brazil |  | Canada | Chile | China | Chinese Taipei/ Taiwan | Croatia | Czech Republic | | Denmark | | Egypt |  England & Wales |   | Finland | France | | Germany |  Greece l | Hong Kong | | Iceland | India | Ireland (Republic of) | Ireland (Northern) | Israel | | Japan | Jordan | | Kuwait | | Lebanon | Libya | Luxembourg | | Malaysia | Malta | Morocco | | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | | Pakistan | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | | Qatar | l Romania l | Saudi […]

Hostels & Membership FAQs

New to hostels or not sure what to expect? Find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hostels in our Hostel FAQs. You’ve read our About Membership page but still have questions about HI membership? Check out the FAQs for answers to the most popular questions.

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Sustainable Hostelling

We believe we can change the world through Sustainable Hostelling.      Hostelling International is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices among our National Hostelling Associations and with Hostels themselves. We are committed to achieving a worldwide network of sustainable organisations and hostels.   With more than 100 years of experience we strive continually to improve and expand our network […]

Make a Positive Impact

At Hostelling International we are all about leaving a place better than how we found it. We know the importance of our environment both natural and social, and realise the care that’s needed to ensure future generations are afforded the same privileges that we are today. Donations help us to make a positive impact, to […]

Local Initiatives

Local hostelling initiatives that contribute to a better world    Click on the 10 areas of Sustainable Hostelling below to learn how HI Hostels around the world address them:  Environmental Social Economic Without our dedicated employees, volunteers and interns, hostelling would not be what it is today: an open community of like-minded people connected through their common […]

About HI

The International Youth Hostel Federation, operating as HI today was founded in 1932 by the Youth Hostel Associations of the time to unite hostels around the world and grow the hostelling movement. Today HI is the largest youth hostel network in the world with 62 Member Associations operating over 3,000 hostels in 75 amazing destinations. […]

How to be a sustainable traveller

Travel better, Travel sustainably At HI we know that without our love and care today, there will be no world for us to enjoy and discover tomorrow, which is why we believe in Sustainable Hostelling for a better world. While some of the topics around sustainability and climate change can seem daunting or overwhelming, making small changes […]

Contact Us

If you have a question, please check out our FAQs first. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can contact us as follows:  Hostel stays Please contact the hostel directly if you have a question relating to a stay or the hostel facilities. You will find the details on the hostel page.   Groups  For enquiries […]