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Hostelling International Tripbook for

Volunteer around the world

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Life is short, so do something meaningful, and do it somewhere unfamiliar. At HI, we support community projects, eco initiatives and of course hostels – our spaces for cultural exchange - all over this incredible planet of ours. We’ve been offering travellers opportunities through the youth hostelling movement, opening eyes, connecting people from all walks of life and challenging perceptions for around a century. Here, we look to the rest of 2015 and into next year to see what’s happening and how you can do something of real value around our global network. From community development workshops in Spain, or lending a hand in the great outdoors in England, to environmental restoration in Australia or learning Spanish and teaching in Bolivia, the coming months look pretty promising. Whether you want to volunteer and visit a new place solely to dedicate your time and skills to a good cause, or you plan to be a voluntourist – getting involved in a shorter-term commitment as part of your bigger travel plans, now is the time to get stuck in and give something back.