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Miaoli City – Hsinhsin International YH

Established as a family hotel in the 1950’s, HsinHsin Hotel maintains a Hakka retro décor. Some of the interior decoration includes original pieces from the

Alishan Youth Activity Center

Facing the sacred mountain (Tashan) of Zhou tribe, Alishan Youth Activity Center is surrounded by the original Black Forests. The architecture style of our center

Kimmen – YAC International Youth Hostel

, Kinmen Youth Activity Center is a combination of traditional appearance and modern facility. Shaped like a military castle, the center has a touch of

Tienhsiang Youth Activity Center

Tienhsiang Youth Activity Centre was built in 1978. The building climbs up to the hill in accordance with its natural shape, it earns the name

Yilan – Toucheng Farm International YH

Within a two-hour drive from downtown Taipei , you will reach the Toucheng Leisure Farm which encompasses over 100 hectares.Hostel facilities include a garden, café,

Chuan-Hsi-Jai Youth Hostel

Chuan-Hsi-Jai Division of China Youth Corps is located by Chengching Lake. It is a tranquil and natural scenic area surrounded by the mountain and the

Li Tian Chuang International YH

This family-owned hostel is located within a tranquil farm-style setting in Miaoli County. LTC Holiday Pensions offers unique backpacker accommodation decorated in old-time fashion.The farm

Xitou Youth Activity Centre

Xitou Youth Activity Centre is renowned for its lodges. For a long time, Xitou Youth Activity Centre is a top choice of training facility for

Shangrila International YH

We have PUB,pokers,books,and telescopes. No matter what season it is,you will be surprised at its sight. ex: Flowers of Spring, Fruits of Summer Leaves of

Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center

This YAC lies within the Sun-Moon Lake National Scenic Area, 800 meters above sea level. The Center’s grounds, covering almost 9 hectares, resemble a green