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Enjoy a wonderful stay at this certified family and Feel-Good Hostel! Everyone who visits Biedenkopf Hostel can enjoy nature to their own taste here. Outdoor

Burg Breuberg

Breuburg castle and the Youth Hostel are located on a 300-metre mountain above the Mümglingtal valley. You will be greeted by a stone lansquenet’s head,


Helmarshausen Youth Hostel in Hesse is housed in an impressive historical building located only about 1,000 m away from the city centre and surrounded by


Lauterbach is a family-friendly Youth Hostel, located on the northern edge of the Vogelsberg region, and is ideal for larger music, sports club or school

Rotenburg an der Fulda

The Youth Hostel is located on the edge of the large castle park, only about 300 metres from the city centre. The familiar atmosphere of

Maaseutuhotelli Hirvikoski

Maaseutuhotelli Hirvikoski is located by the scenic Lestijoki River in the Sykäräinen village in Toholampi. Our hostel provides a comfortable accommodation. For groups, it’s easy

Auberge de jeunesse HI Tarbes

Located at the foot of the Pyrenees chain, the youth hostel has a magnificent panorama over the mountains and the city of Tarbes. On Spain’s

Auberge de jeunesse HI Lautenbach

Halfway between the refuge and the hostel “Dynamo” is a rustic chalet with stunning views of the Black Forest and the Alps! HI Lautenbach youth hostel