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Lakeview Resort International YH

Start from the construction of Lakeview to the finish of the project are all personally supervised by the owner himself, personalized design are all attentively

Chung Hua University Internship Hotel

The Intern hotel was inaugurated in September 2000. Located on the 6th and 7th floor of the R&D Building, it is the largest intern hotel

Hualien – Kuanyun International YH

Kuanyun International Youth Hostel is located in Taroko National Park and is 100 kilometers from Hualien in the east, and 145 kilometers from Taichung in

Langshan International Youth Hostel

Located at the most lively place in the scenic spot. The entire first floor is lounge for you to relax, with a book bar and

Dali Lao Shay Youth Hostel

Book your stay at the Dali Lao Shay Youth Hostel Hostel located in , China. Click on Book Now to find more information on the

Zhuhai Phoenix Egg Youth Hostel

Zhuhai Phoenix Egg International Youth Hostel followed “Environment friendly, Science and Technology, Communication, Sharing” as the development concept. The hall offers windows with thermostat control

Qiandaohu Blue Mountain Youth Hostel

Located in Chun’an and with Qiandaohu National Forest Park reachable within 4 miles, Qiandaohu Blue Mountain Youth Hostel has express check-in and check-out, non-smoking rooms,